An Ode to Connie

Tonight I dusted off my books, old books. As dust fell and scattered, I allowed the memory of my best friend to break thru the years and once again renew my faith in people. I know you’d see humor in this and be glad that I do but really it’s hard .You always found something good in people.

Quite frankly I’m just dusting around yesterday, coping with too-day and hoping your memory wont diminish as I dust.

I never wanted to be sterile clean, just tidy you see but sometimes today is just too today.

Sometimes I think I’m too loyal to the memory of our friendship as in hanging on to better times.

friendSHIP. Friend—ship. Friendly ship? Ship on a lonely sea that’s friendly? Don’t fire on that ship, it’s friendly not the enemy. A lot of thought can go into those two words. A lot of friends are on that ship. We’re shipping off all these friends? Everybody’s on different ships trying to get to a friendly world? Aha, too many friendly people so they had to take many ships. Or, ship everybody off and away, they’re too friendly.

If that’s the case then there must also be unfriendlys. I can see it all now, who’s the majority here now, the friendly or the unfriendly? Then we have all the various levels in between, the not so friendly etc.

Could the unfriendly become so powerful that the friendly leave or give up? Then we have a power play structure and some wish to not play the game of life anymore, too much energy expended, give up. Sometimes the battle is not worth the victory I guess.

I guess my question is, did you not have enough friendly soldiers or was it a complete takeover?

I of course remain your friend and ally in the timeless hourglass, regardless.