Musings & The Arroyo

Musings from New Mexico

The land of enchantment calls to you, beckons,
With the most invariable ways, only unto itself.
Unlike most lands, it captures your soul and
Attention and appeals to the creative nature.
I listen to a myriad of nite animal and creature sounds,
I realize that i’ve become so use to them that should they stop,

I would be concerned. The pure sound of life, nature, evening.
One may watch the sun set, with a brilliant display of colour.
The electric storms, flourescent blue, purple, white.
Inspiring to the imagination.
A flower in the desert blooms,
The world pales in comparison.

The Arroyo

I’ve never seen such determined strength.
Almost with a passion, a determination,
Year after year,
But only when the season allows it,
So it gathers strength, full force,
Rushing, pushing,
Old things in
New things out,
For someone to find.

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