Joe Yancho

At eleven years of age, Joe started his musical education by studying under classical master, Anthony Giamo. He continued his studies throughout grammar school. Upon entering high school Joe studied music theory under world renown classical composer, Ron Mazurek, now the chairman of the Music Department for New York University. But it was his father who introduced him to his lifelong musical love – The Blues. At age fourteen, upon first hearing B.B Kings’ album, His Electric Best, Joe was hooked on the Blues. While other kids were listening to the bands of the English Invasion, who were merely a poor imitation of black blues artists, Joe was listening to the real thing. Muddy Waters, B.B. King , Howlin’ Wolf, Lonnie Johnson, Albert King and others shaped Joes’ style.

Joe played in a series of blues based rock and roll bands throughout high school. Upon moving to the West Coast in 1977, Joe was introduced to country music. Swept up in the popular craze, Joe played country for a few years, opening for such acts as Eddie Raven and country legend Buck Owens. When the country craze died down, Joe went back to playing rock and roll.

While Joe was playing in a local band he met platinum record winning composer, Gip Noble (Love TKO – Teddy Pendergrass). With Gip on piano and Joe on guitar they started Blue to the Bone. Playing all over southern California, they delighted Blues audiences everywhere with their interpretation of Blues classics and original tunes.

When Gip left for a European tour with the Brothers Johnson, Joe was fortunate enough to meet Charlie Vasquez and James Bentley, who were playing with Rosie. Deciding that Joes’ style fit right in with the Originals, they asked him to join the band. Considering it an honor and a privilege to play with a true rock and roll legend and pioneer, Joe jumped at the chance. As an Original, Joe enjoys backing up other oldies acts such as Barbara Lewis, Al Wilson, Jewel Akins, and the Olympics, as well as what he considers the highlight of his musical career, playing guitar for Rosie.