NFA Leaders against Pain Conference

The weekend of March 18, 19 and 20th I was invited to sing and speak at the NFA’s (National Fibromyalgia Association) First Annual Leader’s Against Pain Conference at the Costa Mesa Hilton in Costa Mesa Ca. I personally want to thank Lynn Matallana the founder of NFA, Corin Walson, PR lady, Errol Landy and Elisabeth Deffner for inviting me to be there. By understanding what I personally am going thru, they made it possible for me to come and share my story with others. I was able to do my song of hope called God’s Rainbow. Lots said they were blessed by it! Lynn Matellana NFA’s founder went thru several yrs of being completely bed ridden before she started the organization. She is one powerful tremendous lady! There were quite a few women that are strong and brave, just to be there, that have FM with the same symptoms as myself and it was the most interesting, validating experience for me. No longer did I feel like I came from another planet and now I know there are others like myself going thru what I’m going thru.
Thirty five participants from all over the United State had been picked to receive scholarships to this training .There was so much to be learned and absorbed in just 3 days, from the doctors and research speakers to legislative advocacy on state and national levels. Participants learned how to work with and talk to the Media and create community awareness of FM. I was also able to present my new song of hope, called God’s Rainbow. Lots of nice folks said they were blessed by it.
I wish that I’d been able to take advantage of all of the great info that was there for us. I did have to go lay down for a while, here and there, the schedule was pretty strenuous. I brought home copies of the magazine to give to my doctor for other FM patients. I want to start a support group in my area for the other FM patients to talk to and share information on anything that becomes available from the NFA on research, treatment and clinical trials.

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