Volunteer Work

1999 First Annual Ding & Alcohol Conference La Cause, Alcohol & Drug services at Cal State San Bernardino. I shared experiences and sang for the concerts. I also am on the board of La Causa.


Ritchie Valens Walk of Fame Donation of three concerts


1999 The Jeanette O’Day Scholarship Fundraiser Conceit For Coachella High School, to raise funds for underprivileged children so they can be able to attend college. (October 24, 1999.)


1998 Wilmington Athletic Complex – Concert & Car Show to raise funds for the athletes of multi-ethnic heritage. Over $12,000 raised for this event (July, 1998.)


1998 Hispanic Heritage Day, Motivational Speech & Musical Performance, Altus MB Oklahoma.


1998 Concert & Car Show, Multi-cultural Youth Fundraiser for Wilmington Athletic Complex.


1997 Salvation Army and Inner City Youth Concert to raise money for food & clothes, Phoenix, Arizona.


1997 Mecha Chicano Youth Center Concert Against Violence, Guns, & Drugs, Fresno, California.Violence, Guns, and Drugs. Fresno, California. August 1997


1975 to 1997 Barrio Station – fund raisers for neighbors justice efforts; removal of junkyards in Barrio Logan, purchase of concrete for community sidewalk improvements, donated performances for Cesar E. Chavez Parades.


1996 Pharaohs Car Club Halloween Night Concert to raise money for victims against violent crimes.  Mark Richards,  Rancho Los Amigos hospital in Downey, Calif., & Sandra Ramirez a mother of three who was gunned down.


1995 The Luther Burbank Center Concert – Santa Rosa, California.Proceeds to benefit the LBC Performing Arts.


1994 Wilmington & Downy, California – Toys Give away Fundraiser Concert for underprivileged children.


Harmony Cruise Night Concert (South Bay area) – at Johnny’s Broiler to unify the car club members of the South Bay area with the car club members of the east side, also to create a day for social awareness and to promote a family atmosphere.


1993 Cinco Do Mayo Concert – Wimington & Downy California. Pharaohs Car Club first car cruise concert to raise Christmas toys for underprivileged children.


1989 Potato Festival Musical Performance – San Jacinto. California


Hemet Hospice – Hemet, California Donation of time and musical performance for terminally ill patients.


1989 Richie Valens Fundraiser – Hollywood, California to raise money for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


1985 Musical Performance Fundraiser – Hemet, California Fundraiser for terminally ill patients of the hospice program.


1984 Victory Outreach Musical Program – Bakersfield & Pomona, California.  Donation of time and travel to speak and participate in musical programs for rehabilitated offenders.


Casa Ramona – San Bernardino, California. Fundraiser for underprivileged children to attend weekend camping trips, and transportation.


Casa Ramona Musical Performance – San Bernardino, California. Fundraiser for Hispanic senior citizens.


United Way Fundraiser – Hemet, California. Live TV interview and performance. Fundraiser for children with cancer.


Calvary Chapel – San Bernardino, California. Donation of my time in collecting and distributing food, toys, and clothing for underprivileged people.


1982 Social Services – Colorado, Foster mother for an abused child of 15 years old, victim of alcoholic parents. On call for emergency placement of abused children of all ages. Utilized community sources for clothing and food supplementing for youth.


YAA TEAM Mother and Activity Coordinator – Oregon Supervised multiethnic youngsters ages 10-13, three times a week and one day of each weekend during game activities. Planned and activated fund raising events to raise money for equipment, etc… for which they participated in. Such as ecology clean up, Home safety awareness (fire and electrical hazards) bake sales and transporting to and from events.


1977 A.N.A.N.D.A. Disabled Americans – San Bernardino, California.


1976 Cub Scout – San Bernardino, California Was Den Mom and contributed time directing, supervision and transporting of Multicultural youngsters 6 to 8 years old on field trips and organized soap box derby day at scout-orama day Supervised the concession stands in San Bernardino and Ferris Hill Park. Scouts also had a concession stand at the Orange Show in San Bernardino to which I transported 12 youngsters and supervised.


1975 Coordinated musical programs for inmates – Norco Planning, direction, supervision and participation of musical concerts for inmates at Norco, in coordination with inmates in charge of programs. Was directly responsible for supervision of band members on bus and programs.


1972 Mercy Crusade – San Diego, California Founded and organized a private Non-profit animal rescue service called Mercy Crusade. Supervised and acted with six other individuals’ ages I 8-23. The rescue and administration of shots and medicine and housing to abandoned or sick animals.


1971 Lions Club – Colton, California.  Phone correspondence with local business’s purchase or donate tickets for circus to allow disabled and underprivileged children ages 3-18 years of many nationalities to attend circus.


Colton, California.  Phone Secretary DVV, for disabled veterans of Vietnam to participate in wheel chair Olympics Washington D.C. through purchase of American flags.


Jerry Lewis Telethon – Los Angeles, California.  I donated three years in a row of time to the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Muscular Dystrophy on channel 11 TV fund raiser interviews, and musical performance.