Gene Romero

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During his tenure with The New Mexx Band he met a singer whom he had listened to when he was a teenager Rosie Hamlin of Rosie and The Originals. Rosie lived in Los Lunas for a few years and moved back to California recently. He did a few gigs with Rosie and the band and they asked Gene to join the group, because as luck would have it again, the bass player was leaving the group. Gene has come around full circle it seems. Only now he’s playing with a real rock n roll hall of fame star Rosie and The Originals.

Gene Romero AKA “Purple Cactus Vato”Bass guitar, vocals, song writer.
Has a wide variety of musical influences and has played with some of New
Mexicos finest musicians.

Was original member of The Purple Blues Band
in the early 60’s.

Doc Rand, dancer, singer.
Randy Castibbo, drummer (Ozzy Osborn)
Pete Cockroft, trumpet.
Max Peralta, sax.
Ray Cruz, lead guitar.
Gene Romero, bass guitar.

Freddy Williams & The Keynotes Blues Band, mid 60’s.

Thee 6 Chekker 9, top 40 music, late 60’s.
Freddy Chavez, lead vocals, keyboards.
Rolando Baca, lead guitar.
Ralph Gonzales, drummer.
Severo Fbores, sax.
Gabby Gabaldon, trumpet
Gene Romero, bass,vocals.

Roberto Griego and El Nuevo Sonido, New Mexico music, early 70’s.

Los Romanticos, Latin Trio music,mid 70’s.
Adelso Lemus, requinto, vocals
Nazario Alba, guitar, vocals.
Kay Kay Baca, singer.
Gene Romero, bass, vocals.

Los Bohemios, Latin Trio music, late 70’s.
Alberto Mann, requinto, vocals.
Octavio Borrego, requinto, vocals.
Nazario Alba, guitar, vocals.
Gene Romero, bass, vocals.

Jerry Jaramilbo & Brown River Band, country music, 80’s.
Southern Comfort Band, country music, early to mid 90’s.

Los Hermanos Baca, Tejano music.
Max Baca jr.,bajo sexto, vocals. (Flaco Jimenez).
Jimmy Baca, accordion, vocals.
Benito Gonzales, drummer.
Gene Romero, bass, vocals.

New Mexx Band variety music mid 90’s to 2000.
Tommy Eylicio,lead and rhythm giutan, vocals.
Will Patterson, keyborads, lead guitar, vocals.
Don Candona, drums, vocals.

Gene Romero, Bass guitar, vocals.

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