Letter of Appreciation

Fibromyalgia Aware MagazineThis is a letter to all my wonderful friends and fans. Everyone who has ever appreciated my song or wrote to tell me that they fell in love with or danced to Angel Baby, so many great stories I’ve read and truly cherished. Also my longtime friends that have been so kind to me thru the years and stood by me with love and understanding. I’ve wanted to write this note for a while now, but have put it off, just praying somehow things will change. So many fans write and ask me when I will be in their area or state for a concert. Friends who’ve called often to ask how I’m doing? Fans that want to know why I’ve not put up a concert schedule and if I’m recording and well, just tons of really nice letters that I’ve put off answering and the newsletters that I stopped writing.

I’ve taken a hiatus from touring, traveling, music and just everything in general for a long while now due to an illness that first came on when I started my music program in San Diego Ca for the Barrio Station. As it progressed, it robbed me of any and all energy and health which I once took for granted. Unfortunately, little by little I was no longer able to hide the illness and give of myself to my fans in a way that I was accustomed to.

So I want to say a very emotional heartfelt thank you to my friends who’ve stood by me, my church, my son, everyone everywhere, for prayers, gifts, flowers, for calls and also Music Cares in Los Angeles,

God bless you all, love, Rosie

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